Guirec Soudée FR

Year of birth : 1992


Barely 30 years old, Guirec has already acquired a solid experience of the sea and a remarkable notoriety in the maritime and adventure sports world. At the age of 21, the young Breton undertook a 5-year round-the-world sailing trip through the 2 poles, during which he spent 130 days locked up in the Greenland ice without assistance, without communication, in complete autarky.

He then spent several years sailing the different seas of the globe and became the youngest sailor in the world to sail the Northwest Passage, before reaching Cape Horn and the South Pole. In 2021, he takes on a new challenge: a double solo Atlantic crossing by rowing boat, from East to West, then from West to East, always without assistance. In total, Guirec will have spent more than 670 days alone (or almost) at sea during his oceanic journeys.

In 2022, Guirec starts a new ambitious adventure: to participate in the most prestigious and mediatized ocean races in the world. This is what he will do with his boat (the IMOCA with which Benjamin Dutreux finished 9th in the last Vendée Globe), which will bear the name and colors of, during competitions such as the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe this year, the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2023, The Transat CIC in 2024 with the Everest of the seas in his sights: the next Vendée Globe in 2024/25.

To do this, Guirec Soudée has set out to build an experienced team, including Sébastien Audigane as boat-captain, who is currently preparing in Port-Bourgenay at Eole Performance, Benjamin Dutreux's structure. After the Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race in May, the team will move to Kairos Sailing Team, the structure of the experienced Roland Jourdain in Concarneau in Finistère.

Nautical CV

2022: Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe - 25th
2022: Défi Azimut - 20th
2022: Vendée Arctique - 6th
2022: Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race - 16th

+ More than 60,000 miles of solo sailing at the age of 29

+ More than 670 days of solo sailing
21 years old: single-handed and unassisted crossing of the Atlantic Ocean
23 years old: wintering for 130 days in the ice of Greenland in complete autarky
24 years old: he becomes the youngest sailor in the world to cross the perilous Northwest Passage
25 years old: crossed the Pacific from North to South
26 years old : Cape Horn crossing. Undergoes a turnaround in the 50s. Ascends in 3
transatlantic voyages
28 years: crossed the Atlantic by rowing from East to West without assistance in 74 days
29 years: crossed the North Atlantic rowing from West to East without assistance in 107 day

The boat